Colin Kaepernick helps get airplane to aid Somalia
- Posted at 19/03/2017 07:21:00
By Admin

Free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick is making himself useful off the field while he awaits a phone call from an NFL team.

The former San Francisco 49er got involved with the "Turkish Airlines Help Somalia" movement, which has led to food, water and aid being sent to the country, which is experiencing a historic famine that could reportedly affect more than six million people.

French entrepreneur and social media star Jerome Jarre started the campaign by introducing the idea of a Turkish plane delivering goods to Somalia. Award-winning actor Ben Stiller co-signed and made a proclamation of his own on Twitter.

Kaepernick chimed in on Instagram hours after Jarre, expressing his concern and willingness to help.

After Turkish Airlines agreed to provide a plane, Kaepernick issued a thank you statement on Twitter.

There's expected be a full cargo flight that can hold 60 tons of food. On the GoFundMe page created by Jarre, which has already raised more than $1 million, he announced that the airline has also agreed to allow food containers to be shipped on its commercial aircrafts to Somalia until the end of the famine.


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